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Top 5 Useful Websites For Development

by Admin 7. November 2013 17:39

Today is one of the biggest web development framework with a very large developer community. Even though we have several websites where you can get help during development but we have prepared a list of Top 5 websites where you can get Solutions to your issues, Find sample codes and ask other developers for help.


5. Codeplex

This is a Opensource Project Hosting Website backed by Microsoft . Here you can find different Sample projects with source code. Also you can get various plugin used during This is a website where you can find community edition of different based applications with source and Off course Free of Cost. Isn't that great??

4. MSDN Magazine

MSDN Magazine is the official magazine from the creators of so you can call it as Bible of They are very strict at choosing the content which published. Each article is very long and depth than any other website. But you can assured that these articles are well picked before print.

3. 4GuysFromRolla

If you are a web developer and better be a developer then this is a must visit website. Here you can find solution to your most of the problems. They also a lot of useful tips because they are still developers using

2. Code Project

Well i can't count how many times i have downloaded the code from this website., And believe me these codes are written by real life developers. The useful articles always include a sample code to download.

You can even post you article and code in this website , In return you can get the approval of site community.

1. Stackoverflow

Finally we come to the Numero Uno and Without any guesses it is Stack overflow. Not only for you can get help from this website each and every development technology. Be it Django Phython or ROR you name it and solution is here. Just you need to is log into the website using diffrent open id like Google,facebook etc. Then post your Questions, and with a blink the answer is here supported by largest developer community . The answer are straight to point. Be it,C#,VB or Jquery.

Another interesting feature is you can earn badges and points. If anyways your question goes unanswered you can also place a bounty from your points. Isn't it cool. In my view this is best website for any kind of development.


These are few website we have used maximum during our development. Few other websites are also there like Dotnetperl which is very helpful for beginners . If you find out any other website post in the comments !!!

Happy Coding Cool


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