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Seo Friendly URL Redirection On Web Forms

by Admin 21. September 2013 14:06

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On 3.5 sp1 onward microsoft has given facility for URL Routing . You just have to include few codes into Global.asax.

After URL Routing Your URL Will look more human and search engine friendly.

If you URL is  it will look like . Extension less and SEO Friendly .
For that we have to add Global.asax into our project .
Then import System.Web.Routing


<%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.Routing" %>

 Then we have to write code for URL redirection inside Global.asax.


void registerroute(RouteCollection routes)

 This is for Static Pages with out query strings.

For Webpages with query string like


The code would be:


The New Seo Friendly URL looks like To access the attached query string
string pg = Page.RouteData.Values["page"] as string;
Hope this will solve one of the biggest headache for web forms .

Happy Coding !!!!


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