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Payzippy Payment Gateway Integration on C#

by Admin 1. November 2013 12:21

Well Payzippy is the newest star in the Indian payment gateway sky, Developed Flipkart One of the most popular and trusted e commerce portal of india. As flipkart is a very experienced e commerce portal they are very well versed with each and every pain and loopholes of indian payment gateway market and with this very lucrative launch offer it is a very viable solution for most of the websites.


Payzippy is providing the SDK for Java and PHP developer with supports for some very popular e commerce packages like Magento. But when it comes to other plat forms like , ROR, Django the SDK Development is still on progress, But we can use there Rest API to connect with there service.

I have prepared a Demo plugin for it. You can download it from following URL



Happy Coding !!!!!


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Payment Gateway

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11/25/2013 3:39:49 PM #

Where to get the keys for testing Payzippy? Merchant id and merchant key id.


12/23/2013 5:08:42 PM #

These are test key . you can get it as sandbox testings key from payzippy.


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