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Seo Friendly URL Redirection On Web Forms

by Admin 21. September 2013 14:06
On 3.5 sp1 onward microsoft has given facility for URL Routing . You just have to include few codes into Global.asax. After URL Routing Your URL Will look more human and search engine friendly. If you URL is  it will look like . Extension less and SEO Friendly . For that we have to add Global.asax into our project . Then import System.Web.Routing   <%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.Routing" %>  Then we have to write code for URL redirection inside Global.asax.   void registerroute(RouteCollection routes) { routes.MapPageRoute( "Home-Route", "Home", "~/Default.aspx" ); }  This is for Static Pages with out query strings. For Webpages with query string like   The code would be: routes.MapPageRoute( "Page-Route", "Pages/{page}", "~/page.aspx" );The New Seo Friendly URL looks like To access the attached query string string pg = Page.RouteData.Values["page"] as string; Hope this will solve one of the biggest headache for web forms . Happy Coding !!!!  

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