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Amazon S3 with C# Web Forms

by Admin 25. December 2015 16:39
AWS S3 Storage is one of the most cost effective and efficient available to right now. If you are dealing with large files especially video and audio files which you need to add into website or user RTMP streaming then AWS S3 with Cloud front CDN is one of the best solution available options for a cost effective solution. There are other option may be to hire a server with SSD and loads of RAM and Processor Cores but as I mentioned it won’t be a cost effective one. I personally feel that ... [More]

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Send GCM notification from C# server

by Admin 2. November 2015 19:35
Google Cloud Messaging Alert From C# Sending alerts via a Google Cloud Messaging service is one of the simplest and trickiest things to do in  We have tried very simple methods in to successfully send notifications from server.    You need to know how GCM works. First of all you need to register with Google Cloud Messaging Service Where you need to provide the android app ID and details. Then it provides one API key and you also need the Project ID. Y... [More]

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Android | | GCM | Cloud Messaging Image Upload With Crop

by Admin 12. February 2015 22:16 image uploader has a very limited scope in uploading image file. We have previously tried our hand in giving the file upload control an option to select the color from the uploaded image. This time we tried to give the option to crop a uploaded image and also resize the image while uploading.   We will user Jquery and Jquery jcrop with file upload control.  I have also used Master page , Some times master is the culprit in using controls with jquery.   ... [More]

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Top 5 Web design Trends of 2014

by Admin 25. July 2014 15:50
2014 is  a significant year in the field of web development. We have seen a lot of new thing evolved and also seen a lot of technologies which are once hot favorite of the goes into darkness. We have prepared a Mid year list for some of the latest web designing trends which we can expect to evolve more and more.  Flat UI and Minimalistic Design   With the Microsoft’s introduction of Metro UI and Apple adapting Flat UI with IOS  7 Software Update. We have stepped in... [More]

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Paypal NVP API with and C#

by Admin 23. July 2014 16:34
Paypal has always play a major role in online payment scenario and e commerece .Paypal has provided various API and way of payment. In this article we will explore the use of NVP API of Paypal with and C#. Before we can start we need to remember few things. We need to create a Paypal merchant account. Then we need to create a API credential with paypal . There we can get API username, API password and API Signature.  Then download paypalfunction.cs file from following link Then... [More]

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Extending Image Uploader with Preview and Color Selector in

by Admin 28. April 2014 13:12
Even if default file upload control is a very powerful tool but it comes with some limitations. In this tutorial we will discuss in depth about it and way to overcome it. Limitations No Support fro Customized Button or Use of CSS Classes: Even if is a very powerful control we can't customize it with CSS classes like we can't change the text in the browse button or can't hide the textbox or apply css class to button.  No Support for image preview:  we can't preview image ... [More]

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Major Sites Affected by Heartbleed

by Admin 14. April 2014 20:38

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PHP Vs Infographics

by Admin 11. April 2014 17:41
It comes down to the final battle for most popular server side web development technology. It is a well known fact that PHP is the most popular web development technology riding high on its open source credentials and popular CMS and Blogging frameworks like wordpress,Joomla or Magento. But microsoft's is also gaining traction and this infograph represent it.   So the on final word if a user looking for a customized web application development with enhanced security, it is asp.n... [More]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup

by Admin 4. March 2014 13:48
The new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has just been launched. I find it very similar to the Samsung S4 but I decided to start this freebie from scratch. This isn’t a flat design since most people won’t know the difference between the S4 and S5. Instead I decided to put as many details as possible. The wallpaper is replaceable. Simply drag your new image above the current wallpaper layer and hit Ctr + Alt + G to create a clipping mask.   DOWNLOAD

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IPhone 5S Free PSD Mockup

by Admin 15. February 2014 16:50
A flat/minimal iPhone 5S mockup created with Photoshop vector shapes.   DOWNLOAD

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