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Send GCM notification from C# server

by Admin 2. November 2015 19:35
Google Cloud Messaging Alert From C# Sending alerts via a Google Cloud Messaging service is one of the simplest and trickiest things to do in  We have tried very simple methods in to successfully send notifications from server.    You need to know how GCM works. First of all you need to register with Google Cloud Messaging Service Where you need to provide the android app ID and details. Then it provides one API key and you also need the Project ID. You need both of these parameters while sending notifications. One more thing is require that is device id. When the GCM registered app is installed in the android device during registration process a device key and device id is created. We need both of these things while sending notification so that we can direct GCM to send notification for a particular device. We need to save this device ID in a database with our server. We need a web service by using which app developer can send device key and id. To send use the following c# method   public string SendNotification(string deviceId, string message) { string SERVER_API_KEY = "YOUR GCM API Key"; var SENDER_ID = "YOUR Project ID"; var value = message; WebRequest tRequest; tRequest = WebRequest.Create(""); tRequest.Method = "post"; tRequest.ContentType = " application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8"; tRequest.Headers.Add(string.Format("Authorization: key={0}", SERVER_API_KEY)); tRequest.Headers.Add(string.Format("Sender: id={0}", SENDER_ID)); string postData = "collapse_key=score_update&time_to_live=108&delay_while_idle=1&data.message=" + value + "&data.time=" + System.DateTime.Now.ToString() + "&registration_id=" + deviceId + ""; Console.WriteLine(postData); Byte[] byteArray = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(postData); tRequest.ContentLength = byteArray.Length; Stream dataStream = tRequest.GetRequestStream(); dataStream.Write(byteArray, 0, byteArray.Length); dataStream.Close(); WebResponse tResponse = tRequest.GetResponse(); dataStream = tResponse.GetResponseStream() StreamReader tReader = new StreamReader(dataStream); String sResponseFromServer = tReader.ReadToEnd(); tReader.Close(); dataStream.Close(); tResponse.Close(); return sResponseFromServer; } Any Question Comment Below . Happy Coding !!! 

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44 Colorful bright icons.

by Admin 26. November 2013 17:18
Free 44 Playful,Detailed Icon sets. Three Size of PNG i.e 64X64, 128X128, 256X256 and Original PSD for full modification and edit.     DOWNLOAD

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Top 5 Useful Websites For Development

by Admin 7. November 2013 17:39
Today is one of the biggest web development framework with a very large developer community. Even though we have several websites where you can get help during development but we have prepared a list of Top 5 websites where you can get Solutions to your issues, Find sample codes and ask other developers for help.   5. Codeplex This is a Opensource Project Hosting Website backed by Microsoft . Here you can find different Sample projects with source code. Also you can get various plugin used during This is a website where you can find community edition of different based applications with source and Off course Free of Cost. Isn't that great?? 4. MSDN Magazine MSDN Magazine is the official magazine from the creators of so you can call it as Bible of They are very strict at choosing the content which published. Each article is very long and depth than any other website. But you can assured that these articles are well picked before print. 3. 4GuysFromRolla If you are a web developer and better be a developer then this is a must visit website. Here you can find solution to your most of the problems. They also a lot of useful tips because they are still developers using 2. Code Project Well i can't count how many times i have downloaded the code from this website., And believe me these codes are written by real life developers. The useful articles always include a sample code to download. You can even post you article and code in this website , In return you can get the approval of site community. 1. Stackoverflow Finally we come to the Numero Uno and Without any guesses it is Stack overflow. Not only for you can get help from this website each and every development technology. Be it Django Phython or ROR you name it and solution is here. Just you need to is log into the website using diffrent open id like Google,facebook etc. Then post your Questions, and with a blink the answer is here supported by largest developer community . The answer are straight to point. Be it,C#,VB or Jquery. Another interesting feature is you can earn badges and points. If anyways your question goes unanswered you can also place a bounty from your points. Isn't it cool. In my view this is best website for any kind of development.   These are few website we have used maximum during our development. Few other websites are also there like Dotnetperl which is very helpful for beginners . If you find out any other website post in the comments !!! Happy Coding  

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Pro and Con of Offshore Outsourcing Software Development

by Admin 8. October 2013 15:03
Offshore IT Development is a practice followed by lot of companies for there IT needs. As everything in the world it also comes with some advantage and pain points. Offshore outsourcing means outsourcing your works to a company or person which is located out of your country or continent. It is one of the very successful business model followed by a lot companies around the globe. Choosing a good vendor is always a tricky decision. Pros: As you outsource your services to country with lower labor charges, you can get your project done with a very cheaper price tag No need for permanent staffing as you outsource your work to other companies they will provide staffs for you, after the job done no need to pay them. No expense for recruitment as you are not hiring any staffs No expenses for IT infrastructure development as no staffing required No expenses for purchasing costly software for development as it will be taken care by the company you have outsourced Cons:   Risk factor, As you are outsourcing your job to offshore companies there always a risk factor as some companies stop working upon getting the initial deposit or after some level is complete. Language issue, If you are outsourcing to a country where they don’t understand your language and vice versa, then it is going to be a huge problem for communication. Miscommunication, This is a serious issue as if a proper requirement analysis has not been done during the initial stage of project development then it is gone to create a huge problem in later stage as you are not going to get the desired results.  Means you want to go to Paris and you reached London. Precautions   Always choose a reputed professional company for development. I would recommend Intelliwins as they have done several successful projects for clients across the globe. Always try to outsource project to countries where they can understand your language, even today a lot of tools are available for translations so I think language is not going to be a barrier. Try to focus on analysis stage before giving go ahead for development. This is the most crucial stage where you have to give a clear picture of your goal to the developer so that he can deliver a product which is tailor made for you.        

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Android Secret Codes

by Admin 7. October 2013 19:21
These are few secret codes for android OS , This will help developers during testing android apps. Dial these codes in your phone and check. Phone Information, Usage and Battery – *#*#4636#*#* IMEI Number – *#06# Enter Service Menu On NewerPhones – *#0*# Detailed Camera Information –*#*#34971539#*#* Backup All Media Files –*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* Wireless LAN Test –*#*#232339#*#* Enable Test Mode for Service –*#*#197328640#*#* Back-light Test – *#*#0842#*#* Test the Touchscreen –*#*#2664#*#* Vibration Test – *#*#0842#*#* FTA Software Version –*#*#1111#*#* Complete Software andHardware Info – *#12580*369# Diagnostic Configuration –*#9090# USB Logging Control –*#872564# System Dump Mode – *#9900# HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu –*#301279# View Phone Lock Status –*#7465625# Reset the Data Partition toFactory State – *#*#7780#*#*

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Textbox Swapper with Jquery and CSS3

by Admin 24. September 2013 13:48
This a sample code snippet we have written during development of one of our application at intelliwins , This is a textbox swapper using jquery and CSS3 Sample Codes          $(document).ready(function () {                $(".switchFields").click(function (e) {                    swap(e, '#Text1', '#Text2');                });            });   Here .switchField is the class of the anchor which need to be clicked for the textbox swapping. Text1 and Text2 are the textbox which are swapped. Also you need to inclde the Stylesheet file and the JS file which is included in the link below with the demo application.  One more thing you need to enter some values into textbox before swapping. You could download the sample code in following link Download    

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