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Pro and Con of Offshore Outsourcing Software Development

by Admin 8. October 2013 15:03
Offshore IT Development is a practice followed by lot of companies for there IT needs. As everything in the world it also comes with some advantage and pain points. Offshore outsourcing means outsourcing your works to a company or person which is located out of your country or continent. It is one of the very successful business model followed by a lot companies around the globe. Choosing a good vendor is always a tricky decision. Pros: As you outsource your services to country with lower labor charges, you can get your project done with a very cheaper price tag No need for permanent staffing as you outsource your work to other companies they will provide staffs for you, after the job done no need to pay them. No expense for recruitment as you are not hiring any staffs No expenses for IT infrastructure development as no staffing required No expenses for purchasing costly software for development as it will be taken care by the company you have outsourced Cons:   Risk factor, As you are outsourcing your job to offshore companies there always a risk factor as some companies stop working upon getting the initial deposit or after some level is complete. Language issue, If you are outsourcing to a country where they don’t understand your language and vice versa, then it is going to be a huge problem for communication. Miscommunication, This is a serious issue as if a proper requirement analysis has not been done during the initial stage of project development then it is gone to create a huge problem in later stage as you are not going to get the desired results.  Means you want to go to Paris and you reached London. Precautions   Always choose a reputed professional company for development. I would recommend Intelliwins as they have done several successful projects for clients across the globe. Always try to outsource project to countries where they can understand your language, even today a lot of tools are available for translations so I think language is not going to be a barrier. Try to focus on analysis stage before giving go ahead for development. This is the most crucial stage where you have to give a clear picture of your goal to the developer so that he can deliver a product which is tailor made for you.        

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