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Gmail Style UI Kit

by Admin 20. November 2013 13:54
Gmail Style UI complete designed on photoshop, So each icon is a photoshop shape not a PNG image. You can re-size and it is fully layered and editable.       DOWNLOAD

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Textbox Swapper with Jquery and CSS3

by Admin 24. September 2013 13:48
This a sample code snippet we have written during development of one of our application at intelliwins , This is a textbox swapper using jquery and CSS3 Sample Codes          $(document).ready(function () {                $(".switchFields").click(function (e) {                    swap(e, '#Text1', '#Text2');                });            });   Here .switchField is the class of the anchor which need to be clicked for the textbox swapping. Text1 and Text2 are the textbox which are swapped. Also you need to inclde the Stylesheet file and the JS file which is included in the link below with the demo application.  One more thing you need to enter some values into textbox before swapping. You could download the sample code in following link Download    

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