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Customize (Beginner's Guide)

by Admin 22. October 2013 12:41 is a pretty handy blogging engine based on platform. The stand out feature is how simple and easy to deploy tool it is? I got a opportunity to work on this platform and believe me it very simple and highly customizable and one more thing is that as it is based on web forms , it is very helpful for beginners to work on it straight away. I can say that it might not be as feature rich as wordpress but it is a development curve which will make it a more featured and robust platform as it is very new platform compared to Wordpress and different plugins are added day by day. As the admin section is very user friendly and you don’t feel missing something, but what you need the most is customizing the comes with few default themes or you can go to the store to choose appropriate theme for your website. If you requirement is very specific and you need a customized theme then also you can create your own theme in an hour by following these steps. Go to directory (You can download blogengine for free from this link) Search for themes directory. Then inside themes folder you can find number of directory named as each template. You just right click and create a new folder inside themes folder and name it as your template name. Then go to Standard folder and copy all the files inside that folder Then open your newly created folder and paste all the file inside that folder. Then copy all the css and image file to the newly created theme folder . Then open site.master file in visual studio 2010 and replace the css and JS link with you new css and JS. Also put you own static html content inside body.Put  <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="cphBody" runat="server" /> inside appropriate position on the body where you want the blog to be displayed. And you theme is ready Then got to admin panel of by running the website and type /admin after your default url, Default user id: admin and password: admin , you can change it after login Then go to customize in the upper menu and select theme Now you can see different themes with one created by you . the theme name is same as folder name. Select that theme and now open your blog. You blog is ready to rock!!  

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