Business Model

At intelliwins we follow multiple strategies, operational process and policies which is tailor made for offshore clients.

Following Business Model Defines Intelliwins

  • Project Based Solution
  • Hire Dedicated Developers
  • Services We  Provide
  • Targeting Various Domains
  • Client Relationship

Project based Solution

Intelliwins provides online, offline, wireless solution on project basis as per your need .We also provide technical assistance in implementing you offshore projects.

Our team combines efforts of high qualified netting developers, artistic designers and QA Engineers, updated with latest Web tools and accumulating deep knowledge and strong expertise for the client specific projects.

Hire Dedicated Developers

We have developer in different skill sets and available for hiring in hourly or monthly basis.

  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Mobile Apps Developer

Services We Provide

  • Development
  • MVC 4 Development
  • CMS Development
  • DOTNETNUKE Development
  • Umbraco Development
  • HTML 5 Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • WPF Applications
  • Windows Applications
  • UI & UX Design

Various Domains

At IntelliwinsTechnologies, we are committed towards helping our customers derive value through their IT investments. In the process we have made significant investments in understanding business operations of different customers. This has enabled us to conceptualize and develop domain specific services and solution accelerators.

We believe that our understanding of business operations as exemplified through our domain specific solutions like operations visibility dashboards, enterprise performance analytics etc. , is a significant differentiator vis-a-vis our competition.

Client Relationship

We have loved the opportunity to work with some of the world's leading companies. We have also worked with a number of new startups that are about to change the world. At Albus our main focus is on long term client relationship and providing quality solution which will help us get more business proposals in future from our satisfied clients.

Client satisfaction and constant flow of innovations is the main driving force behind the success story of Intelliwins.

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About Us

Intelliwins mission is to alter the dynamics of the software industry by providing trusted, supportive and quality software development servies to clients that view our partnership as a strategic driver for their success.


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